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Newton Electrical Equipment Co. Inc. | Electric Motors, Generators & Transformer Repair Services in the Philippines


Newton Electrical Equipment Co., Inc. is the leading provider of Repair Services for Electric Motors, Generators and Transformer in the Philippines. Our mission is to provide quality services and exceed customer satisfaction. Newton offers engineering solutions that restore industrial machines to their prime condition, supporting our clients that provide vital services for their respective industries. We are also the leader in developing maintenance programs to keep these assets running longer, smoother and more efficiently. We provide the best electrical equipment repair, AC motor repair, electric motor repair and services in the Philippines.

Established in 1969, Newton steadily developed its reputation as the market leader in Electro-mechanical Services in the Philippines. We have grown our company to more than a hundred employees with head office located at #38 Oliveros Compound, F. Bautista St., Bo. Ugong, Valenzuela City, 1448, Philippines.


Newton invests in state of the art equipment such as Computerized Balancing Machine, Automatic Winding Machine, Automatic Burn-off Oven, Sand Blasting Machine, Shaft Laser Alignment, Vibration Spectrum Analyzer, 40KV Digital Surge Comparison Tester. These tools ensure that we provide our customer's data driven recommendations based on precision and accuracy. Our state of the art facilities encompasses over 2,000 square meter of work area, capable of servicing multiple turbine generators simultaneously.

We also invest in our people by securing opportunities for our engineers to attend and play key roles in industrial conferences worldwide to enhance our collective skill set and knowledge base. Our people take great pride in bringing professionalism, integrity and intelligence in every project.


Newton recognizes the critical roles our clients play in the lives of millions of people. This fuels our desire to streamline our services, providing skilled engineering teams with the best tools to perform the highest quality of work possible.

What we have to offer

We understand the needs of our customers - for reliability and speed at a price value worthy of their investment.

  • Motor Rewinding
  • Generator Rewinding
  • Motor Reconditioning
  • Generator Reconditioning
  • Rebuilding Motors
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At the core of our business is our value for our people. We believe that people are the asset of any organization. Corporate Community - We show this in our strong sense of corporate community personalized service .. and the personal way we deal with our customers.


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